Curiosity and Imagination: A Key Defense Against Cognitive Decline?

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Dementia is a growing threat, especially as our population ages, but a new study suggests tools to fight cognitive decline might already be within our grasp. Researchers found that highly imaginative and curious individuals show greater cognitive reserve. Could this translate to enhanced protection against conditions like Alzheimer’s?

In this “Psychology Behind the Headlines” segment, hosts Patricia Wu, Jessica Reyes, and guest MHTN Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dan Bober, unpack the science, its implications, and nurturing certain qualities can be a crucial weapon against dementia.

Protect Your Brain

Dementia risk increases with age, but it’s not inevitable. Healthy habits and mental activity can build brain resilience.

Curiosity is Key

New research suggests that a curious, imaginative mindset may protect your brain from decline.

Stay Engaged

Find activities that spark your interest, whether it’s volunteering, learning a skill, or simply exploring new ideas.

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Editorial Team
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