Self-Acceptance is the Key to Wellbeing

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In “Behind the Quote,” hosts Jessica Reyes and Patricia Wu discuss about a timeless quote often attributed to Lao Tzu that emphasizes the power of self-acceptance. Dr. Aziz Gazipura, guest psychologist, breaks down this profound wisdom, exploring why seeking external validation is often a fruitless pursuit while true self-acceptance leads to lasting inner peace.

Dr. Aziz offers practical insights and strategies to help viewers cultivate a healthy sense of self.

Self-acceptance is key to inner peace

Chasing external validation is a losing battle. True fulfillment comes from accepting ourselves as we are.

Embrace the ‘sometimes’

We’re all a mix of strengths and flaws. Accepting this duality allows us to be more forgiving of ourselves.

Be on your own side

Self-compassion and support are the most powerful things we can offer ourselves.

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