Children May Be in Danger With the Increase in Diagnoses and Medication Use

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A groundbreaking study reveals a significant shift in adolescent healthcare, with an increasing focus on mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Doctors are now prescribing psychiatric medications more frequently than ever, spotlighting the urgent need to address the mental well-being of today’s youth. Join our hosts Patricia Wu, Jessica Reyes, and guest therapist Ryan Heapy, as they help create a more supportive and understanding environment for all young people.

The Rise of Mental Health Diagnoses

Discover why one in five visits to general physicians by adolescents now includes discussions on mental health, a trend that has only intensified since the pandemic. We examine the factors contributing to this increase and the implications for our healthcare system and society at large.

Digital Age Challenges

Learn how the constant connectivity of the digital age has removed traditional safe spaces for teenagers, leading to a 24/7 potential for bullying and stress. We discuss the impact of online environments on mental well-being and the crucial role of digital literacy and safe online practices.

Empowering Youth with Resources

Discover innovative solutions like mental health apps and online counseling platforms that are making mental health support more accessible to teenagers. We also highlight the importance of supportive networks and the power of listening and being present for those in need.

Understanding and addressing adolescent mental health requires a collective effort from parents, educators, healthcare providers, and society as a whole. Ryan Heapy not only sheds light on the urgent issues facing our youth today but also offers hope and practical advice for supporting the mental well-being of the next generation. For a deeper dive into these topics and expert insights on navigating the complexities of adolescent mental health, watch the full video.

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Editorial Team
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