Navigating Your Ex’s Mental Distress After Leaving Them

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Mental Health After Breaking Up

In this segment of Lifequakes, host Jessica Reyes explores the emotional toll of leaving a spouse, and how to respond when that spouse is suffering mental anguish afterward. Therapist, Jessica Kilburn joins us to offer advice for navigating this difficult situation.

Your Top Priority is Your Well-Being

Kilburn says that when dealing with any guilt after leaving a relationship it’s important to remember why you left in the first place. Remember if you felt respected and safe with that partner and if they are a person you feel comfortable having a report with outside of a relationship.

Time For Healing

Not every relationship ends for extreme reasons, sometimes people just aren’t compatible and in that case, it’s nice if two exes can still communicate peacefully. If an ex is not taking a breakup well, you must be sure you can protect yourself mentally if you want to be there for them. Some people require space and time to heal after a relationship’s end properly; sometimes it can do more harm than good to reappear.

To learn more about Jessica Kilburn, check out her LinkedIn.

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