My Neighbor Took Some of My Land – How Do I Fix This Without War?

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On “Life Quakes,” a viewer struggles with a neighbor’s fence that’s crossed over onto their side of the property line. Things are getting tense, and they’re worried about things getting worse. Hosts Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu, and guest therapist Joann ‘JoJo’ Venant offers advice on how to handle the situation.

Property disputes can be stressful and emotional

A seemingly simple issue like a fence a few feet off can quickly escalate into a tense situation.

There are options beyond just getting into a fight

Talking calmly with the neighbor to understand their side can work wonders. Even consider offering to help cover the cost of moving the fence.

Prioritize good neighbor relationships

A bit of extra property might not be worth a long-term feud that makes everyday life uncomfortable.

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