How to Get My Kids Off Their Devices (Without World War 3)

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This viewer is worried about excessive screen time and wants to find healthier habits for her family – without causing epic battles. On “Life Quakes”, hosts Patricia Wu, Jessica Reyes, and guest psychologist Dr. Catherine Bailey offers advice on setting clear expectations, using technology wisely, and making these changes in a way that reduces power struggles.

Set Clear Rules

Kids need to know what the screen time limits are and when devices are off limits (like at meals). This helps reduce anxiety and conflict.

Lead by Example

It’s hard to enforce screen limits for kids if adults can’t put their own phones down. Set tech-free zones and times for the whole family.

Tech for Good (in Moderation)

Using devices together for games or socializing can be positive. Balance this with other activities and use parental controls to limit solo screen time.

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