My Dream Job Is Becoming A Nightmare – How Do I Stop Freaking Out?

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Ever felt like your dream job was actually making you miserable? This freelance designer is so crippled by anxiety and perfectionism that he’s missing deadlines and sabotaging his success. On today’s Life Quakes, hosts Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu, and guest psychologist Menije Boduryan-Turner helps him break the cycle.

Perfectionism can be paralyzing

The desire to excel and avoid criticism can become overwhelming, leading to procrastination and missed opportunities.

“Done is better than perfect”

Taking action, even small steps, is crucial to breaking the anxiety cycle. Progress over perfection is the goal.

Replace judgment with compassion

Our inner critic can be brutal. Learning to speak to ourselves with the same kindness we’d offer a friend is transformative.

Have you ever been in his shoes? Share your advice in the comments!

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