Mother Abandons Her Child For 10 Days To Go On Vacation

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This heartbreaking story of a mother who left her 16-month-old to die while she went on vacation has shocked the nation. Kristel Candelario claims her decision was driven by the need to escape stress, depression, and anxiety. Hosts Patricia Wu, Jessica Reyes, and guest Dr. Kristen Gurdak discuss how mental health may have played a role in this tragic case.

A Cascade of Stressors

Candelario’s struggles included recent hospitalization for mental health issues, discontinuing antidepressants, and the pressure of a new baby.

The Dangers of Stopping Medication Abruptly

Ending antidepressant treatment without medical guidance can have severe consequences, potentially impacting judgment.

Postpartum Depression: A Hidden Factor? 

Hormonal imbalances and the stress of a newborn can contribute to serious mental health crises after childbirth.

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Editorial Team
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