Living with Chronic Illness: Miriam Klein’s Advice for Coping and Support

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On ‘Mental Breakthroughs,’ host Jessica Reyes and guest Miriam Klein discuss the importance of spirituality, support systems, and the challenges of living with a chronic illness.

Spirituality as a Source of Strength

Miriam found comfort and resilience in her spirituality during her health struggles. Connecting with a higher power can provide a sense of direction and hope when life feels difficult.

The Importance of Support

Don’t face chronic illness alone. Therapists, support groups, and loved ones can help you stay strong during challenging times. Remember, asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Finding the Right Therapist

Miriam emphasizes the importance of feeling comfortable and safe with your therapist. Trust your gut feeling – if the relationship doesn’t feel right, try a different therapist. A good fit is crucial for the healing process.

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