My Chronic Illness Makes Me Feel Like a Burden. How Can I Change This?

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Dealing with a chronic illness can turn your whole world upside down. On ‘Life Quakes’, a viewer feels like their diagnosis took away everything—their hobbies, their energy, and even their sense of self. They want to stay positive but struggle with feeling like a burden to loved ones, even though they know everyone is trying to be supportive. Hosts Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu, and guest therapist Antionette Njoku offers guidance.

Grief is Natural

A chronic illness diagnosis brings about a sense of loss. It’s essential to give yourself time and space to grieve the life you thought you’d have.

Finding New Values

Purpose isn’t about external roles or achievements. It’s about what truly matters to you, deep down, at this moment in your life.

Negative Thoughts are NOT Reality

Feeling like a burden is a common thought with chronic illness, but it’s your brain playing tricks on you. Reach out, connect, and let the people who love you show their support.

If you’ve ever felt like a burden, share your story below. What helped you overcome that feeling?

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