Living with Bipolar Disorder: Michael Vanzetta’s Story

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On ‘Mental Breakthroughs,’ host Jessica Reyes and guest PiZetta Media CEO Michael VanZetta discuss about his bipolar disorder and how it fuels his passion for storytelling and mental health advocacy.

Finding Purpose Through Challenge

Michael’s personal experience with bipolar disorder inspired him to create a platform for sharing stories of resilience, offering hope to others with mental health diagnoses.

Therapeutic Power of Storytelling

Podcasting provides the space and time needed for people to share their stories authentically, promoting comfort and healing.

Helping Others, Helping Yourself

Though hearing difficult stories can be emotionally taxing, Michael finds strength knowing his work can make a positive difference for others.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
At the heart of MHTN - America's pioneering 24/7 Mental Health TV Network - is our editorial team, a dynamic group of professionals united by a shared commitment to transforming the conversation around mental health. Our team is composed of seasoned journalists, mental health experts, researchers, and storytellers, each bringing a wealth of experience and a passion for advocacy.


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