Riding the Emotional Rollercoaster? Spot the Signals of Bipolar Disorder

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Join our host Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu and guest Jenna Watson, as they delve into the nuanced world of bipolar disorder. Discover the early signs, the importance of seeking help, and how to manage this condition. Don’t miss out on the critical insights they share!


Learn about “Cyclothymia,” a condition where individuals experience slight mood variations from their baseline, which could be an early sign of bipolar disorder. This illuminates the misconception that bipolar disorder always involves extreme shifts between mania and depression, highlighting that symptoms can sometimes be more subtle and spaced out.

The Levels of Bipolar Disorder

Gain insights into the different levels of bipolarity, from Bipolar I, marked by significant mania and potentially requiring hospitalization, to Bipolar II, where individuals may manage daily functions but still experience significant mood shifts. This discussion emphasizes the complexity and variability of the disorder, underscoring the importance of personalized treatment.

The Vital Role of Professional Help

Recognizing the initial signs and symptoms of mental health issues is a crucial step. Jenna strongly encourages individuals noticing any mental health symptoms to pursue a professional mental health assessment.

If you’re feeling the weight of your thoughts or know someone who might be struggling, this ‘Life Quake’ segment is a must-watch. Jenna offers invaluable advice and reassurance that seeking help is a step towards healing, not a sign of weakness.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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