Learning from Taiwan: Is Your Teen’s Mental Health a Priority at Home?

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Join Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu, and Dr. Dan Bober on ‘Psychology Behind Headlines’ as they delve into Taiwan’s progressive educational approach, granting high school students mental health days. They bring to light three key educational strategies that every parent should consider:

Mental Health Leave

Learn how Taiwan’s policy for mental health leave can inspire changes in our educational systems and the importance of such breaks for student well-being.

Academic Stress

Understand the impact of intense academic pressure on students and what schools and parents can do to mitigate these stressors.

Supportive Communication

Discover effective ways parents and educators can communicate to support the mental health of students, based on Taiwan’s initiatives.

Could these educational insights from Taiwan be the key to a happier, healthier learning environment for your teen? Watch as we explore these groundbreaking strategies.”

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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