Improving Morale In The Workplace

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Managing Your Team Effectively

In this Lifequakes segment, host Jessica Reyes explores how you manage a diverse group of employees. Different work styles are a natural part of any team, but they can sometimes lead to dips in morale, even with the best managers. Join us as we welcome Dr. Woody Woodward to discuss strategies for navigating these situations and boosting team spirit.

The Responsibilities of a Leader

Leading any team comes with its challenges, but it is the responsibility of a leader to know how to effectively inspire people when there is a dip in morale. Dr. Woodward says that it’s important to keep in mind that every employee is an individual with inherent differences, but there are also underlying commonalities.

Taking a Different Approach to Management

Sometimes you can’t manage a team as a single unit and focus on the individuals one-on-one, but at the end of the day, the common goal is the same for everyone. While it may be beneficial in some instances to get some outside management training, Dr. Woodward recommends getting to know everyone beforehand, especially with a diverse group of people.

To learn more about Dr. Woody Woodward, visit his website and LinkedIn.

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