I Manage a Good Team, But We’re Missing Goals. What Should I Do?

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In ‘Life Quakes’, a project manager notices his team is falling short of targets. Hosts Patricia Wu, Jessica Reyes, and guest Dr. Woody Woodward discuss the importance of two-way communication, understanding your team’s challenges, and clearing obstacles for them…not just trying to motivate them from afar.

Don’t Manage “At” Them

Techniques don’t substitute for open communication. Understand your team’s perspective on why they’re struggling.

Listen for the Blockers

What are the obstacles preventing your team from meeting their goals? Do they need more resources, training, or clarity?

Your Job: Clear the Path

Once you understand the hurdles, your job as a manager is to remove those blocks and help your team find success.

What was your approach as a manager? Let’s help this project manager and each other! Share your experiences below.

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