I Served My Country. Now, How Do I Fit Back Into My Life?

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For many veterans, coming home can feel like entering a whole new world. The structure and sense of purpose from military life can be hard to replace. This veteran is struggling to readjust to civilian life, feeling disconnected and haunted by their experiences. They miss the close bonds they made in the military and can’t seem to find their place anymore.

In this segment of Life Quakes, hosts Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu, and guest therapist Dr. Jude Black offers guidance on how to heal from this difficult transition. They discuss finding a new purpose, reconnecting with a support system, and channeling military experiences into passions outside of the service.

It’s normal to feel lost

Leaving the highly structured military life and entering the vast civilian world is a huge adjustment.

Finding a new purpose is key

Explore what matters to you now, and think of ways your military skills and passions can translate into this new stage of life.

Seek a support system

Reconnect with fellow veterans, join community groups, or find a therapist who understands your unique experience.

If you’ve been through this transition, how did you find your way? Share your advice and support for this veteran in the comments below.

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