Excessive Screen Time: A Threat to Mental Health, Especially in Young Girls

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In today’s “What’s Trending” segment, hosts Patricia Wu and Jessica Reyes address the growing concern over excessive screen time and its impact on mental health. While acknowledging the benefits of technology, guest Dr. Dan Bober, MHTN Chief Medical Officer, highlights the negative consequences of social media addiction, particularly for young girls.

Social media can be harmful to mental health

Excessive social media use is linked to increased depression, anxiety, and self-image issues, especially in girls.

Parents play a crucial role

Setting limits on screen time, prioritizing face-to-face interactions, and fostering time in nature can help protect children.

Collective responsibility

It’s important for parents, educators, government, and social media companies to work together to address this issue and safeguard children’s mental health.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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