How Many Times Do You Say ‘Like’ in a Day?

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Join hosts Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu, and guest Deanne Shulz, as they explore the evolution of language. They unravel the mysteries of the word “like” and its origins.

Tracing the Origins of “Like”

Discover how the word “like” has transformed from its origins to its modern-day usage, from Valley girl lingo to today’s speech patterns.

Explore how “like” transcends borders, with young people around the world incorporating it into their speech. Understand its role in communication across different cultures.

Mastering Communication: Navigating Social and Professional Settings

Learn how to navigate the use of filler words like “like” in various social contexts, from casual conversations to professional settings. Gain practical tips for effective communication.

Tune in for a deeper dive into the evolution of language and the impact of words like “like.”

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Editorial Team
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