How Can You Reclaim Your Self-Worth After An Abusive Relationship?

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The Trauma From Betrayal

Elizabeth Kupferman points out that being in an emotionally abusive relationship is traumatic and we carry scars from that, especially when the abuse comes from someone we depended on. Being betrayed by someone you love means that you have to both heal from the betrayal while re-learning how to love yourself.

Overcoming Emotional Abuse

She says her first step on her self-worth process was finding out who she is and what she likes. A lot of people take on the “fawn” trauma response where people focus on other’s needs over their own, so tapping back into yourself can help break this cycle.

Find Out What You Love, Live It, and Become Yourself

Kupferman then says that through this process, you’re showing yourself that you’re worthy enough to put good things in your life. When finding new relationships, we attract people at our level of mental health, so as you grow you attract healthier relationships.

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