Find the Courage and Escape an Abusive Relationship

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Join hosts Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu and expert therapist guest Jenna Watson as they provide insight on the complex issue of domestic violence. Discover the crucial steps to effectively support loved ones trapped in abusive relationships.

Understanding the Cycle

Victims of domestic violence may attempt to leave an abusive relationship up to 7 times, and without financial support, this can escalate to 30 attempts. The importance of recognizing this cycle and offering continuous support is critical.

Creating a Safety Plan

Learn how to assist victims in developing a safety plan, offering them a prepared response for various scenarios. This strategic planning can empower them to feel more in control and prepared for immediate action if needed.

Addressing Isolation

Discover how abusers often isolate their victims, making them feel unsupported. Learn strategies to counteract this by reinforcing the victim’s support network and ensuring they feel valued and understood.

If you or someone you know is struggling to support a loved one in an abusive relationship, this video is a must-watch. Gain valuable insights from Jenna Watson on breaking the cycle of abuse and empowering victims to find safety and strength.

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