Crushes in Relationships: Harmless or Hurtful?

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Crushes outside of your relationship – are they harmless, or can they be a sign of deeper trouble? Hosts Patricia Wu and Jessica Reyes cover a new study sparks discussion about the balance between natural attraction and commitment in relationships.

In this segment of “Psych Behind the Headlines”, MHTN Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Dan Bober provides insight into the psychology of crushes within committed relationships. He discusses shifting trends in marriage and how being attracted to others doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a problem in your relationship.

Dr. Bober emphasizes that relationships require active effort. It’s about acknowledging potential attractions while also making a conscious choice to nurture your primary partnership.

Crushes are normal

Experiencing attraction outside your relationship is both common and human.

Relationships take work

Think of commitment as an active choice rather than a passive state – it requires effort and investment.

Communication is key

Being open with your partner and addressing potential issues proactively can strengthen your bond.

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Editorial Team
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