Building Genuine Friendships in College

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What if the new group of friends isn’t exactly what you were hoping for? Maybe they’re into partying a bit too hard for your taste. You’re not alone t. In our latest discussion with hosts Patricia Wu, Jessica Reyes and guest Deanne Shulz, tackle this dilemma. This conversation is all about finding your group of friends, even when the first group you stumble into might be leading you down a path you’re not keen on following.

It’s Okay to Feel Alone (For a Bit)

First off, feeling like a lone wolf when you first hit college or any new spot is totally normal. Colleges are packed with ways to meet folks who get you. Just give it some time, and remember, it’s okay to be picky with who you spend your time with.

You Do You

Why stress about what the party crowd thinks of you bouncing? The real deal is focusing on what makes you happy and healthy. If you’re worried about fitting in with a group that doesn’t mesh with your vibe, it might be time to question why their approval matters so much. Spoiler: it shouldn’t.

Exiting Stage Left

Thinking of ghosting that not-so-great group? Might not be a bad idea. If open chats about your different paths feel like a no-go, sometimes quietly dipping out is the smoothest move. Not everyone’s gonna get where you’re coming from, and that’s okay.

Finding your tribe in college can be a rollercoaster. But that’s part of the adventure. This discussion with Deanne in our Life Quake segment is a goldmine of advice for navigating the social scene without losing yourself.

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