Breaking Barriers: Celebrity Advocacy and TV’s Role in Destigmatizing Mental Health

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Hosts Patricia Wu, Jessica Reyes, and guest therapist Lindsay Reiten discuss the profound impact of celebrities and TV narratives on mental health awareness.

Breaking the Stigma: Celebrity Advocates

Emma Stone, Lady Gaga, and Dwayne Johnson share their journeys, illuminating the path for open dialogue on mental health.

Empowerment through Social Media: The New Narrative

How personal storytelling on digital platforms enables individuals to share their mental health experiences, bypassing the gatekeepers of traditional media.

Television Takes on Mental Health: A Reflective Mirror

The evolution of TV content to include more nuanced discussions on mental health, suicide, and emotional complexities, aiding in the destigmatization and understanding of these critical issues.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
At the heart of MHTN - America's pioneering 24/7 Mental Health TV Network - is our editorial team, a dynamic group of professionals united by a shared commitment to transforming the conversation around mental health. Our team is composed of seasoned journalists, mental health experts, researchers, and storytellers, each bringing a wealth of experience and a passion for advocacy.


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