Are You Guilty of Using People as a Punching Bag?

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Join Patricia Wu and Jessica Reyes on ‘Life Quake’ as they talk with Dr. Jude Black about handling anger, anxiety, and accidentally hurting loved ones. Learn easy ways to reflect, forgive, and communicate better. Join us for a discussion that can help you heal emotionally and build stronger relationships.

Self-Grace is Essential

Learn the importance of giving yourself grace during times of physical and emotional turmoil. Dr. Jude emphasizes that recognizing the human aspect of our struggles, including the impact of chronic issues and anxiety, is crucial. Understanding that you’re doing the best you can with the resources you have is the first step towards healing.

Understanding Displacement of Emotions

Learn why we sometimes take out our bad feelings on those we love. Dr. Jude compares it to stubbing your toe and then unfairly taking it out on your dog. This part explains why we sometimes unfairly lash out at loved ones and how noticing this habit can help us stop it.

The Power of Communication

Gain valuable tips on how to communicate your feelings and struggles with loved ones effectively. Dr. Jude suggests being open about not feeling your best and apologizing for any hurtful behavior. This advice is practical for anyone looking to mend and strengthen their relationships through honest and compassionate dialogue.

If anger or anxiety has ever been a problem for you, especially with those close to you, don’t miss this segment. Dr. Jude gives great tips and insights to help you deal with these feelings peacefully. This discussion can guide you to better understand yourself and improve your relationships. Watch now for a step towards emotional health and stronger bonds with loved ones.

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