Are You a Thrill- Seeker or Romantic Lover

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Join our hosts Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu, and guest Dr. Dan Bober, as they dive into the intriguing world of movie preferences and the psychology behind them. They explore why some thrive on the adrenaline of horror films while others prefer the comfort of genres like romantic comedies. Dr. Dan Bober shares insights into the individual differences that shape our movie choices, including personality, genetics, and even gender tendencies.

Individual Differences

Understand that personal preferences in movies can stem from genetics and personality, explaining the varied reactions to genres like horror or romance.

Psychological Appeal

Discover the allure behind true crime documentaries and horror films – it’s about solving mysteries and experiencing controlled fear.

Finding Common Ground

Learn how being eclectic in your tastes can help navigate movie choices in social settings or relationships, making it easier to find films everyone can enjoy.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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