Are We Nurturing Narcissism in Our Children? Learn Empathetic Parenting

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In a culture where ‘me-first’ attitudes seem prevalent, Dr. Mary Ann Little introduces groundbreaking strategies to foster empathy and generosity in our children. Here’s what parents can take away from today’s segment:

Understand the Rise

Dr. Little explains why narcissism is increasing and how modern parenting styles may contribute.

Adjust Parenting Styles

Discover four parenting styles that might inadvertently nurture narcissism and learn how to adjust for more balanced upbringing.

Embrace ‘Moderation Parenting’

Learn about ‘moderation parenting’ and practical steps to raise empathetic, unentitled children. It’s never too late to start making a change. Tune in to explore how every parent can contribute to raising a caring and self-aware generation.

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Editorial Team
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