Actor Oliver Hudson Felt Unprotected By His Mother Growing Up

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In “Psychology Behind the Headlines,” host Patricia Wu and guest therapist Ryan Heapy discuss the complex relationship between parents and their adult children. Actor Oliver Hudson recently opened up about his own journey of self-discovery, revealing that he worked through feelings of being unprotected by his mother, Goldie Hawn, during his childhood.

Parents as People

It’s easy to forget that our parents were once children themselves. Most parents are simply doing the best they can with the knowledge they have at the time.

The Hoffman Process

While details are limited, the Hoffman Process seems to focus on exploring past traumas. The goal is to reach a place of understanding and forgiveness for those involved in difficult experiences.

Forgiveness and Growth

Holding onto resentment can hinder our own healing. Growth comes when we understand our parents’ limitations and our own past experiences.

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