A Guide To Supporting Your Loved Ones at a Time of Grief

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Join our hosts Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu and our guest therapist, Jonathan Gustave, on the sensitive topic of supporting someone who has experienced severe trauma, such as witnessing the death of a close friend. Jonathan shares invaluable insights on how to provide support without overstepping boundaries. The conversation focuses on three key actionable strategies to help viewers understand and apply empathetic support effectively:

Understanding Distress

Jonathan emphasizes the importance of recognizing signs of distress in loved ones, such as changes in behavior or expressions of hopelessness, indicating the need for extra support.

Be Present

The discussion highlights the significance of being present and sitting with the person in their pain, showing that it’s okay to not always try to pull them out of their grief but rather to share in it and validate their feelings.

Offering Social Support Through Listening and Understanding

Jonathan advises on the importance of offering a listening ear and understanding heart, suggesting that simply being there can be more powerful than trying to offer solutions or advice.

This episode encourages viewers to reevaluate how they approach supporting loved ones through trauma, urging a compassionate, patient, and understanding stance to truly make a difference.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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