Trapped in My Sex Addiction – How Do I Get Out?

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On “Life Quakes” , viewer shares his struggle with sex addiction. He feels consumed by guilt, shame, and the fear of losing those he loves. Hosts Patricia Wu, Jessica Reyes, and guest therapist Yehudah Alcabes offers advice.

Breaking the Stigma

Sex addiction is real, and it carries a lot of shame. Yehuda emphasizes that specialized resources and communities of understanding do exist.

First Steps to Help

Seeking out a therapist who specializes in sex addiction is important. Additionally, finding a support group like Sexaholics Anonymous can be a lifeline, even attending a meeting far away to avoid running into someone.

Rebuilding Trust is a Process

Yehuda warns against piecemeal disclosures of past behavior to a partner. Seeking professional help with this conversation can prevent further damage to a relationship.

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