Is Everyone Really Having More Sex Than You? The Truth Might Surprise You

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We’ve all had that nagging feeling – the one that suggests everyone around us is having way more sex than we are. But is it based in reality? Turns out, probably not.

In What’s Trending, hosts Patricia Wu and Jessica Reyes discuss the widely held myth that “everyone else” is getting more action than we are. Why do we believe this, and what does the research actually say about sexual frequency? Guest therapist Ryan Heapy joins us to break down some of the surprising statistics and shed light on how this myth affects our perceptions and relationships.

We Tend to Overestimate

Gossip, media, and locker room banter create an exaggerated image of how often others have sex.

Solo Sex is on the Rise

The accessibility of pornography and sexting may be influencing a preference for masturbation.

Talking About Sex is Essential

Our culture’s lingering taboo around open sex discussions makes it hard to have a realistic perspective on sexual norms.

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