The Power of Positivity: How to Stay Upbeat, Even in Hard Times

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Can a positive mindset truly impact our lives? In this segment of “Mental Breakthrough” led by host Patricia Wu, guest Dr. Cortina Peters, a clinical therapist and two-time cancer survivor, shares her powerful insights on staying positive through life’s inevitable challenges. She reveals how a positive outlook can boost mental health, build resilience, and even improve physical well-being.

Dr. Peters offers practical tips for shifting your perspective. Learn to practice gratitude, challenge negative thoughts, and surround yourself with positive influences. She also addresses the dangers of toxic positivity, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging difficult emotions while choosing to approach them with a mindset of strength and hope.

Positivity Affects Mind and Body

A positive approach to life can reduce stress, build resilience, and even promote better physical health.

Gratitude is a Habit

Focus on what you’re thankful for. A daily gratitude practice can transform your mindset.

Choose Your Influences Wisely

Surround yourself with positive energy to stay uplifted.

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