Relationship Essentials: What Should You Expect from a Partner?

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On ‘What’s Trending,’ hosts Patricia Wu, Jessica Reyes, and guest therapist Joann ‘JoJo’ Venant discuss on Tina Gilbertson’s outline on 8 essentials for healthy, lasting partnerships.

Affection: It’s Not Just Physical

Affection can take many forms – from words of affirmation and small acts of service to physical touch. It’s a key way we show and receive love in relationships.

Respect: The Basis for Healthy Communication

Mutual respect allows partners to feel heard and valued. It means being able to navigate disagreements without belittling or dismissing each other’s feelings.

Time and Consideration: Feeling Like a Priority

Partners who make time for each other and consider each other’s feelings demonstrate care and investment in the relationship.

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