Reaching Out Early is Key to Avoiding Crisis in the Legal Profession

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Host Patricia Wu and guest lawyer and life coach Javoyne Hicks discuss the critical topic of maintaining mental, physical, and emotional health in the legal profession—a field known for its high stakes and intense pressures.

Understanding Lawyer Wellness

Hicks introduces the concept of Lawyer Wellness, emphasizing the importance of self-care in a profession where practitioners often carry the heavy burden of their clients’ troubles.

Strategies for Overcoming Stigma

Acknowledging the challenge lawyers face in seeking help, Hicks discusses overcoming this hurdle by normalizing the conversation around mental health, leveraging available resources, and promoting a culture where it’s okay not to be okay.

Promoting Wellness through Initiatives

Hicks highlights her involvement with the State Bar of Georgia’s Lawyers Living Well Committee, detailing successful initiatives like the “Use Your Six” campaign, which offers six free counseling sessions to lawyers, and efforts to improve communication and access to wellness resources.

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