Raising Neurodivergent Children: Age-Appropriate Conversations & Positive Approaches

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On ‘What’s Trending,’ hosts Patricia Wu, Jessica Reyes, and guest psychotherapist Steph Jones guides us through age-appropriate conversations about neurodivergence.

Check your sources and biases

Before talking to your child, educate yourself about neurodiversity from reputable, autistic-led sources. Be mindful of any negative stereotypes you may have internalized.

Focus on strengths and celebrate differences

Instead of focusing on deficits, highlight the unique strengths and abilities that come with neurodivergence. Show your child that they are not alone and that their brain is amazing!

Start early and keep communication open

Don’t wait to tell your child about their neurodivergence. Early conversations, tailored to their age, can help them understand themselves and build self-esteem.

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