UK Family Still Waiting For Their Autistic Son’s School Assignment

Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu, and Charlotte Lewis discuss a UK family that has yet to receive a school placement for their autistic son.

Neurodivergent or Childish? The Bias of “Relative Age”

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Influencer From Jersey Jailed After Scamming Autistic Man

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Autism Assistance: Sensory Kits Make a Difference

How do people with autism handle the chaos of emergencies? In this segment of "Psychology Behind the Headlines", host Jessica Reyes is joined by guest Rabbi Brandon Gaines, a spiritual educator and mental health advocate, to break down how little adjustments can make a big difference for the neurodivergent.

The Kindness of Strangers: An Autistic Teen Receives New Bike Following Theft

Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu and Dr. Cortina Peters discuss a Delaware teen with autism receiving a bike after his were stolen.

Building a More Inclusive World: The Rise of Autism-Friendly Businesses

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New Research Suggests Metabolic Disorder May Underlie Autism

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Tom Stoltman: World’s Strongest Man and Autism Advocate

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