Normalizing the Unacceptable: How to Stay Alert to Harmful Patterns

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Hosts Patricia Wu and Jessica Reyes cover a troubling phenomenon: the normalization of negative events. From ongoing conflicts to the mounting climate crisis, we can become desensitized to things that were once shocking.

MHTN Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Dan Bober, expands on this topic. He parallels normalization to unhealthy situations like abusive relationships. At first, the abuse seems horrifying, but over time, victims can start to see it as normal. Dr. Bober emphasizes the importance of breaking out of this dangerous mindset. Social support systems and therapy are essential for identifying harmful patterns and establishing healthier ways of living.

Normalization is a process

Negative events can gradually become less shocking over time, potentially causing us to become less engaged or outraged.

Combatting Normalization

Understanding this process can help us step back and evaluate harmful situations with a fresh perspective.

Mental Health Connection

Just as normalization can occur on a societal level, it can also happen in personally damaging situations.

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Editorial Team
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