I’m Lost and Anxious About Life After Graduating. What Now!

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In this segment of “Life Quakes,” host Patricia Wu hears from a recent graduate struggling with the weight of post-college life. He feels paralyzed by anxiety about finding a job, paying off student loans, and the uncertainty of what comes next. Our guest psychotherapist, Deanna Dellia, offers practical strategies for managing the post-grad blues.

Swap purpose for meaning

Don’t stress over finding your life’s calling right now. Instead, focus on activities that spark joy and give your day-to-day a sense of purpose.

Therapy can help

Don’t be afraid to reach out for professional support. A therapist can help you navigate this challenging transition and build healthy coping skills.

Try new things

Volunteering, taking a class, or stepping out of your comfort zone can open unexpected doors and reveal where your passions lie.

We need your advice! If you’ve been through post-grad anxiety, what helped you cope? Share your tips and experiences in the comments below – you might help someone going through the same thing!

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Editorial Team
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