Identifying and Treating Personality Disorders with Dr. Michelle Quilter

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Understanding Personality Disorders

Personality disorders are complex mental health conditions that affect how people think, feel, and interact with others. These disorders are often identified by behaviors that deviate from social norms. Clinical psychologist Dr. Michelle Quilter joined our host Jessica Reyes to discuss these disorders and any misconceptions.

How do you identify the different types of dysregulation?

Dr. Quilter shares that while many symptoms of personality disorders can manifest during adolescence, most go undiagnosed until adulthood. There are several types of personality disorders but one underlying symptom to be most vigilant of is dysregulation, when someone is no longer able to regulate themselves properly. While there is a wide spectrum of how dysregulation appears, it can be most noticeable as interpersonal (conflict in relationships) and behavioral (harmful actions) dysregulation; however, emotional and self dysregulation are just as common.

Treating Personality Disorders with DBT

Dialectical Behavior Therapy has emerged as a leading treatment for individuals with borderline personality disorder. By combining cognitive-behavioral techniques with mindfulness practices, DBT teaches people skills to manage intense emotions, reduce self-destructive behaviors, and improve interpersonal relationships. Research has shown that DBT is effective in reducing suicidal behaviors, self-harm, and hospitalizations among individuals with borderline personality disorder.

For more information on Dr. Michelle Quilter, check out her LinkedIn.

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