I Took Time Off to Be a Mom… Now How Do I Update My Resume?

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Taking time off to raise kids is a huge job, but what happens when you’re ready to return to the paid workforce? On “Life Quakes,” a viewer asks for advice on how to navigate her job search after several years away. Hosts Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu, and guest therapist Jenna Watson offers tips on updating your resume, focusing on transferable skills, and finding a job that fits your new priorities.

Focus on the Skills You Gained as a Parent

Think about how being a parent made you better at time-management, negotiation, or handling stress – those are valuable skills in any job!

Embrace the Person You Are Now

You’ve grown and changed since taking time off to raise your kids, and that’s a positive! Highlight your new perspective and skills.

Look for a Job That Fits Your New Life

Think about the flexibility and work-life balance you need as a parent and search for job opportunities that offer that.

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