Feeling Like a Third Wheel With My Sister & Her New Partner – Advice?

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New love is great, but what if your best friend or sibling suddenly forgets you exist? That’s the “Life Quakes” dilemma facing one viewer. Her sister found an awesome new guy, but it feels like she’s been totally replaced. Hosts Patricia Wu, Jessica Reyes, and Dr. Cortina Peters, guest therapist, offers advice on navigating this tricky situation.

Talk it out

Have an honest conversation with your sister. Tell her you miss her, and that you don’t want her to choose between you and her boyfriend.

Adjust your expectations

Is what you’re asking of your sister realistic? New relationships take time and energy. Could some compromise help?

It’s about you, too

Do you have other interests and activities? Could this be an opportunity to branch out and find your own new connections?

Tell us: Have you ever been on either side of this situation? What advice would you give our viewer?

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Editorial Team
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