Dementia Warning Signs: Now Detectable Years in Advance

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A new study shows promising results for detecting dementia up to 15 years before symptoms appear. On “Psychology Behind the Headlines”, host Patricia Wu and guest MHTN Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dan Bober discuss about this medical breakthrough and its potential impact.

Hope for Early Dementia Detection

Scientists discovered blood proteins that can predict dementia with remarkable accuracy, years before any decline is noticeable. This creates opportunities for earlier treatment and intervention.

Ethical Concerns About Pre-Diagnosis

There are concerns about insurance discrimination if companies gain access to this information. It’s important to consider the potential negative consequences of early diagnosis.

The Emotional Impact of Knowing

Knowing that a dementia diagnosis is likely in your future can be emotionally difficult. It’s a personal choice to get tested, and support is crucial if you decide to learn this information.

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Editorial Team
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