Defying the Odds: Gregory O. Proctor’s Journey Through Cancer

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On ‘Mental Breakthroughs,’ host Patricia Wu and guest Gregory O. Proctor discuss how he faced cancer head-on and emerged victorious, teaching us valuable lessons along the way.

Faith, Strength, and Courage

Gregory’s belief, inner power, and bravery were his guides during his cancer fight.

Mental Strength Matters

Gregory’s ability to stay strong mentally, learned from his days as a busy entrepreneur, played a huge role in his battle.

Finding Support and Resilience

Gregory stresses the importance of leaning on others and staying strong during tough times, reminding us that we’re never alone.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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  1. What a fantastic interview. Thank you for sharing Dr. Proctor’s story with us. Thank you Dr. Proctor for being willing to come on and share your story with us. Great insights. Having recently been through the cancer treatment process and surgery with my wife, this really resonated. Great advice at the end. Being willing to accept what is happening is vital. It is so easy to go into denial. We don’t want to believe this could be happening. Once we accept it, we can move on and deal with what we need to do to work through and over come our challenges.

    Loved what you said about resilience! So vital.
    Great reminder too that we are never alone. That is essential to remember. We couldn’t have made it with out the wonderful people who reached out to help us!


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