Criminalizing Homelessness: A Cruel and Unhelpful Approach

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Imagine not having a place to call home, struggling to survive on the streets. Now imagine being told that simply existing in public is a crime. This is the reality for many homeless individuals in cities across the US.

But what does this do to a person’s mental health? It’s devastating.

When you’re already struggling, being treated like a criminal only makes things worse. It creates a vicious cycle: no home leads to a criminal record, which makes it harder to find a job, which makes it impossible to afford housing.

And where does this leave people? Stuck.

Instead of addressing the root causes of homelessness, like mental health issues and the lack of affordable housing, these cities are simply pushing people away. It’s like trying to solve a problem by ignoring it.

Patricia Wu, Jessica Reyes, and Dr. Cortina Peters believe we need real solutions, not band-aids. We need more resources, more support, and a focus on mental health services for those experiencing homelessness.

Criminalizing homelessness isn’t just cruel; it’s counterproductive.

It strips people of their dignity and makes it harder for them to get back on their feet. We can do better.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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