Celebrities Open Up: How ADHD Shaped Their Success

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Celebrities – they seem to have it all. But even the most successful stars have their own challenges. In this segment of “Celebrity Inspiration” hosts Patricia Wu and Jessica Reyes discuss how ADHD impacted the lives of Justin Timberlake, Simone Biles, Howie Mandel, and Michael Phelps.

Guest, ADHD educator and advocate Deniz Perry, elaborates about the real-life challenges people with ADHD face and how they navigate them. You might be surprised – success with ADHD isn’t just possible, these stars prove it’s a catalyst for reaching new heights. Watch as they share their stories, offering inspiration and hope to those who manage this common condition.

Celebrities Share Their ADHD Journeys

Celebrities share how ADHD shaped their experiences – the challenges they’ve faced, and their sources of strength.

ADHD: The Challenges and the Gifts

Perry offers insight into the day-to-day experience of living with ADHD.

Finding Support and Reaching Your Potential

Perry emphasizes that behind most successful people with ADHD is a strong support system – friends, family, and coaches.

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