Can We Start Over? Relationship Advice After a Long Separation

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A viewer is frustrated and heartbroken on ‘Life Quakes’. She and her partner finally reunited after a long separation, but it’s not what she expected. They feel like strangers trapped under the same roof. The love that once burned bright now feels distant and weak. Hosts Patricia Wu, Jessica Reyes, and guest Dr. Jude Black offers some encouraging insights.

Focus on communication

Truly listen to what your partner says, not just what you want to hear. Ask questions to clarify and reflect back to them, ensuring you’re understanding correctly.

Find joy together… even in the little things

It probably won’t be a whirlwind romance right away. Start slow – a movie, a walk, trying a new recipe. Even if it’s not your favorite, doing things for your partner shows you care.

Be patient and trust the process

It took time to grow apart; it’ll take time to heal. Don’t expect everything to change overnight. Have faith that with effort, love can endure.

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