Can Architecture Improve Treatment Outcomes?

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How does the design of hospitals and treatment centers impact our mental well-being? In this Psychology Behind the Headlines segment, hosts Patricia Wu, Jessica Reyes, and MHTN Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dan Bober discuss how a new mental health facility is breaking away from traditional, sterile hospital environments. Dr. Dan explains why inviting spaces with natural light and calming colors can improve mental health outcomes, particularly for children and teens.

Environmental Impact

Our surroundings have a powerful effect on our stress levels, mood, and overall mental health.

The Importance of Design

Healthcare facilities designed with bright colors, comfortable spaces, and access to nature can promote tranquility and healing.

Outdated Approaches

Sterile, institutional environments can worsen anxiety in patients, impacting mental health treatment and recovery.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
At the heart of MHTN - America's pioneering 24/7 Mental Health TV Network - is our editorial team, a dynamic group of professionals united by a shared commitment to transforming the conversation around mental health. Our team is composed of seasoned journalists, mental health experts, researchers, and storytellers, each bringing a wealth of experience and a passion for advocacy.


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