Alabama Medical Facility Is Receiving an $80 Million Renovation

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A hospital, not a jail

Taylor Hardin Secure Medical Facility, a Tuscaloosa facility for court-involved individuals with mental health needs, is undergoing an $80 million renovation to shift from a correctional to a therapeutic environment. The current facility, built in 1981, is characterized by heavy metal doors, barred windows, and echoing halls, starkly contrasting the new construction with wider hallways, brighter spaces, and calming colors. Jessica Reyes and Patricia Wu discuss the story with Dr. Cortina Peters.

Reducing Alabama’s prison backlogs

Most patients at Taylor Hardin are there for competency restoration, and the facility has struggled to meet demand, resulting in a significant backlog and long wait times in county jails. This delay often exacerbates patients’ conditions, as illustrated by Mark Litvine’s experience of untreated mental illness and violence during his six-month jail stay before transfer to Taylor Hardin.

A better and safer environment for patients

The renovations aim to increase capacity by 60% and create a more therapeutic space to improve patient outcomes and shorten recovery time. Along with facility improvements, state mental health officials are piloting programs for competency restoration in county jails and the community to potentially reduce demand on Taylor Hardin.

To learn more about Dr. Cortina Peters, check out her website and connect with her on Instagram.

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