Supporting Colleagues Through Subtance Abuse

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In an insightful discussion with hosts Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu, and guest expert Eliane Herdani, we explore how to address substance abuse in the workplace with compassion and practicality.

Action Steps

If you notice a colleague’s performance suffering due to substance abuse, it’s best to involve supervisors or HR. They’re equipped to offer the right support.

Communication is Key

Having an open, yet gentle conversation with the affected colleague can make a big difference. It’s about showing concern without taking on the burden yourself.

Utilize Support Systems

Workplaces often have programs to help employees with substance abuse. Leveraging these resources can aid in recovery without disrupting work dynamics.

Eliane’s invaluable advice for navigating the challenging waters of workplace dynamics affected by substance abuse. By understanding the difference between use and abuse, fostering open communication, and leveraging organizational support systems, workplaces can create an environment that supports recovery and maintains productivity. For more insights and detailed discussion, we encourage you to watch the full video.

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Editorial Team
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