My Ex is Turning My Kids Against Me. What Can I Do?

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In “Life Quakes”, a dad is facing the devastating pain of parental alienation. His ex-partner is actively turning their children against him, and he’s terrified of losing his bond with them. Hosts Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu, and guest Dr. Jude Black offers advice.

Consistency is Key

Keep showing up and proving your love, even if it feels hopeless right now.

Never Trash-Talk

Resist the urge to badmouth your ex to the kids, no matter how tempting it is. This will only backfire.

Know When to Seek Help

Sometimes, the situation may require legal intervention or stepping back to protect your children’s wellbeing until they are old enough to understand.

Have YOU dealt with parental alienation, either as a parent or child? How did you cope? Share your experiences to support others.

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