My Brother’s Addiction is Ruining Our Family. How Do I Help Without Enabling?

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On ‘Life Quakes’, a viewer asks how to support a brother with an opioid addiction without enabling his self-destructive behavior. Hosts Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu, and guest therapist Joann ‘JoJo’ Venant discuss the importance of compassion, but also stresses the need for firm boundaries to protect both your wellbeing and your loved one’s chances for recovery.

Tough Love is Real Love

It’s okay to say “no” to requests for money, shelter, or anything that directly supports the addiction. This doesn’t mean you don’t care, but rather that you want them to face the consequences of their choices.

Offer Support, Not Rescue

Let your loved one know you’re there for them and can help them find resources like rehab or support groups. The decision to seek help, however, must be theirs.

Teamwork Helps

Reach out to other family members or close friends for support and to discuss a united approach that balances compassion with tough boundaries.

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